It all started when...

Several years ago, the night before Pastor Christian was married, he was asked what his dream job was. He replied, “youth pastor.” His answer did not make much sense because the week prior to that he had graduated with his Master's degree in mathematics, had a security clearance, was about to marry a mathematician, and then move to the D.C. area. But the old adage is true: man plans, God laughs.


Pastor Christian moved to D.C. and started looking for a job with a respectable resume in a strong economy. All the while he started volunteering with the youth at his church and then discovered they were looking for a new youth pastor. He applied, and after a 15-minute interview with the Senior Pastor the job was offered to him. When he went and asked his wife what she thought she responded, “Honey, I think it is why we are here.” Christian took the job and then the roller coaster only got crazier.

In six years time Pastor Christian went from being a volunteer with the youth in the church, to being the Youth Director, to becoming an ordained minister, to beginning seminary, and then it hit him like a ton of bricks, the call. He could not get past the fact that he felt an overwhelming call to start a new church. He prayed heavily and talked to his wife and she was nothing but supportive. He went and talked to his Senior Pastor and mentor, Rev. David R. Stokes, who immediately pledged his support and the support of Fair Oaks Church as the sending church.

Pastor Christian went and spoke to Mike Z, his long time friend and partner in ministry and told Mike that he wanted to continue their partnership with this new church. Two days later Mike called Christian and said that he and his family were going too.

They got a big map, did a lot of praying, copious research, visited places, and then finally felt that God wanted him in Port St. Lucie, FL. But God still had more to show him. Two more families from Fair Oaks Church decided that God was pulling them in this direction as well. What started as one family became two, and now it was four. God was showing them what Exponential truly meant.

If God has taught Pastor Christian anything through this, it is that the only way to truly live is to truly depend on Him. Pastor Christian wants to introduce people to Christ so they can introduce Him to others. He wants people to experience the Exponential in their lives so they can be Exponential. Pastor Christian is convinced that God still has greater and bigger plans for what He wants to do in Port St. Lucie. He's excited just to be a part of it.

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